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Meet Kristi Sandahl

Yoga Instructor/Owner

Kristi Sandahl studied dance for 25 years and instructing since age 14, I put my dance career on the shelf after having my 3rd  child.  Ever since I have craved the movement and inner joy it had brought to my life. That is until I tried to few yoga classes and realized it gave me the same inner peace as dance once did. Yoga brought that light back into my soul and tuned myself back into my mind and body. Since then yoga has become a passion and has transformed my life in many positive ways. Of course, there were physical changes but mental and spiritual changes as well.  After attending numerous yoga classes, I was encouraged to enroll in Vinyasa 200 hr Teacher Training. This was an amazing experience that I am more than grateful for. In my classes, at Lotus Life Wellness,  I offer plenty of verbal and hand-on adjustments /assists and emphasize strength, breath, and proper alignment. I emphasize breath, awareness, and conscious intention to promote ease and stabilizing in each pose. My goal is to help students find and maintain a peaceful mind and body. My hope is that you leave Lotus Life Wellness feeling balanced, nourished, and refreshed.



E-RYT 200 hr Yoga Certification~ Yoga Alliance, Yin Yoga 20 Hr,  OnBoardSup 30 Hr Certification, Above Barre Certification,  

300 hr Kid Yoga Certification~ Aura Center,  Tabata Bootcamp GX, 

CPR & First Aid



Yes, what they say is true! Yoga just makes life better in so many ways, regardless of who you are or what you do in life! Yoga truly fits in with all of us.  But no matter how many people you hear it from, you must experience it. Kristi Sandahl knows everyone so well that she takes care of each of our needs.  She's always dedicated and making sure we get what is needed.  She sure has her heart in what she loves. I encourage you to join and experience it for yourself!

— Alejandra R.

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